The areas we serve are manifold: compressorista ranging from manufacturers of machinery for wood, by producers of painting machines to those spiumatrici, millers, agricultural machinery etc...
The department foundry iron fitted with a rotary kiln and an automated forming and distaffatura, produces about 300 weeks of pulleys. There are approximately 100 instead of weekly production of aluminium foundry.
The pulley take in our life. workshop which consists of two departments.
The department "Canavesi 180" for the production of pulleys to trapezoidal gorges and the technologically advanced CNC lathes, which are carried out several requests.
Currently, ns. Customers can count on the accuracy of MAHO GRAZIANO / AVM ANGELINI / PUMA TECNOMACH torniture for reaching even outside diameters of 600mm and speed of brilliant HITACHI with loading and unloading machines and heads motorized (C axis), in diameters up to 200mm.